busy bee, busy day

13 december 2018 - Naxxar, Malta

so It thought is was going to be a slow day because today there were 4 nurses is total but I was all wrong.....

First of all There was an emergency, miss M, who is a quite new admission, was feeling very sick and her parameters were all over the place. She is diagnosed with skin cancer and is terminal so we were aware that this would happen. One of the nurses called an ambulance and I helped here pack her bags. She was confused in what she wanted and I did manage to help her the best I could.

in the mean while I was answering buzzer and stood there as the good student nurse answering complains about the carers and try my best to smooth things over and make sure everyone was happy. then I did the rest of the parameters. I also helped with the dressing of Mister M who has bullous pemphigoid (short version he had blisters everywhere). It was so heartbreaking to see him with all the blisters. I did get to prick them (while the nurse explained to me how to do it and I did see it before). the doctor ordered us to do that and put special cream on it. after that we set up the noon and 6pm medication. 

Then there was Miss A. Ooo what does miss A like to make my life a living hell. She is kind of addicted to this skin lotion/cream. She has this fear that is she does not put loads of it on her face, she will die of skin cancer.( in the past she did have it, but she doesn't anymore I believe). So she was buzzing the bell and I repeatedly told her nicely she can't have it because it is to much, and that she has to wait for lunchtime because that's her next dose. At some point she was so mad at everyone she got out of her chair and started walking to the elevator an to ground floor to complain. She shouted and was so mad at everyone she came in contact with her who denied giving the cream. I had to stay with her since she is not allowed to walk alone in case she falls. she shouted more at me because i was following her. In the end I think we managed to finally contact one of the children who spoke to her. Bye the time that happened I was on my break.

at lunch time we gave the medication and then there was peace..... I thought. While I was filling in some paperworks I heard someone coughing very bad. it came form mister P's room, which is located right before the nurse station, but me and the nurse thought nothing of it at first because it was just one very loud cough. Afterward about five minutes we heard coughing and gurgling noises so I looked at her and said: "okay i'm going to take a look". we went together and he was coughing up his salmon he had for lunch and spit. I heard gurgling noises so I knew there was still something in his throat. We stayed with him for a while but the cough didn't stop. So we decided that we would go and check on him once in a while. He was not choicking and he could breathe/talk. after a while he did cough up blood because of the tension in his throat. I decided that if he coughs up more blood we should call the doctor. the nurse agreed and we left again. I still haven't had my break yet. I'm hungry so I am going to ask for it now.

I hope nothing special is going to happen afterwards. Else I will adjust my report....

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